San Diego Union-Tribune Now U-T San Diego

The San Diego Union-Tribune is no more. The 144-year-old paper will henceforth be known as “U-T San Diego.” According to a memo to staff, obtained by Jim Romenesko, the name change “will help us unify our print and digital products under a single brand with a clear and consistent expectation of quality. In this way, is now to match the nameplate of the newspaper and our newly released iPad app. We will operate as one integrated media company.”

It does make sense to unify the paper’s various digital forms under one banner. But here’s what we don’t get: one of the first moves Douglas Manchester made when he recently purchased the paper was to make the dress code more formal. “Business attire” is now the accepted norm at the paper. We personally thought, given his politics, that the move signified Manchester’s desire to return to the rich conservative history of the paper. But now Manchester has gone out of his way to obliterate that history. His tenure will not be a return to the good ole’ days. Something entirely new is in the works.  And despite his desire to see his employees present a spiffy appearance to the public, “U-T San Diego” sounds decidedly less serious than San Diego Union-Tribune.