San Diego Tech Firm Adopts Virtual Fridays to Save Gas


San Diego tech agency JHG Townsend has adopted “virtual fridays” now that gas is up to about $4.25 in that market as a way to be save a few bucks and be socially responsible. I’ve been to San Diego a number of times, and though it seems like workers are playing hooky in force on Fridays to surf, the market does have an ugly rush hour.

JHG’s SVP Elizabeth Estes-Cooper explains the thinking in a vlog post, with some simple calculations on how much energy the firm’s workers will save. She address to obvious question of the potential for lowered productivity, though misses the added bonus of employees gaining around 90 minutes in lost time spent driving. At least here in NYC we can read something while we commute.

JHG also snagged some nice publicity for itself for the new policy including a local TV affiliate, and an AP story.