San Diego Sheriff Calls Recent Dr. Phil Show ‘Sensationalism at its Lowest Point’

The strange death of Southern California beauty Rebecca Zahau was ruled a suicide, but the official findings were challenged on Monday and Tuesday’s episodes of the Dr. Phil show. Family members, a private investigator, and forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who performed an examination of Zahau’s exhumed remains, all made the case for murder.

San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore issued a response, stating that “those who appeared on the Dr. Phil show altered and misrepresented facts, as well as omitted pertinent details all together.”

He also pointed out that pathologist Dr. Wecht hadn’t bothered with standard autopsy protocols “to establish and maintain a clean chain of custody, should new evidence be found.” Not that any new evidence was found by the much-hyped second autopsy, which cost Zahau’s family $25,000.

Sheriff Gore concluded “This is nothing more than sensationalism at its lowest point
and the family is only enduring more suffering from this insensitivity.”

It’s nice to agree with law enforcement about something for a change.