San Diego Republicans Raging Over Columnist’s Twitter ‘Death Wish’

San Diego Republicans are livid over a recent tweet by San Diego CityBeat’s political columnist John Lamb–calling the remark above, against San Diego Republican apparatchik Tony Kravic, a Twitter “death wish.”

The conservative blog San Diego Rostra was the first to pick up on the tweet:

While [Lamb] will no doubt say that he was joking, and may at some point feign an apology, this provides an illuminating insight as to the mindset of San Diego CityBeat.

CityBeat is nothing short of a Democratic and labor union press release machine intent on pushing a liberal agenda and slamming conservatives. The effort to remain objective has long ago been abandoned and goes well beyond simply leaning left. Lamb’s latest public comment with a death wish to the chair of the Republican Party is just a string of attacks and biased reporting that Republican candidates and officials have had to endure.

CityBeat editor Dave Rolland told SD Rostra, “[D]on’t confuse alt-weekly writers with politicians. We don’t apologize every time panties are twisted.”

Meanwhile, one day after SD Rostra’s claimed that CityBeat is a tool of labor unions and the Democratic party, the alt-weekly ran an editorial bashing SD Democratic party leader Jess Durfee for acting like a mini Rahm Emanuel.

Durfee and Krvaric both are political hacks who’d fit in nicely as party operatives in some fascist foreign regime. They make things worse, not better. America should aspire to something loftier than these two knuckleheads.

We believe Americans want good ideas, no matter who proposes them.