San Diego Media Freaking Out Over Potential Chargers Bolt to LA

The city of San Diego is starting to freak out over its Super Chargers‘ possible  exit to Los Angeles, in the wake of our city’s passage of a Downtown LA stadium deal. Media reactions down south have been fearful and somewhat desperate in tone.

From an Op-Ed in the San Diego Union-Tribune: “San Diego will not keep the Chargers here unless we unite behind an effective strategy. Our cities and county governments need to establish a San Diego Sports Authority. This authority must retain effective professional representation capable of asserting all of our rights and the combined power of the cities and county of San Diego.

“We must be business-savvy, understand the nature of the NFL and the economics of professional sports. We also must understand our legal rights and our financial limitations. We are a small market and cannot pretend to have the financial firepower of Los Angeles. We need to consider all of our options.”

From the Charger blog Bolts from the Blue: “Folks on the San Diego City Council, you are out of time. The dithering and the blather has to stop. The passing of the buck on to the next elected group of people – in hope of avoiding blame – wont work anymore. Either you want the Chargers, or you don’t. Stop grousing about investing public money in a private franchise – how about finding a way to make the investment work by creating jobs and building new tax bases?

I really don’t think that the Spanos family WANTS to move to Los Angeles. But if you folks at City Hall can’t get it together, the Spanos family will eventually make a business decision.”

And from the Bolt Blog: “The San Diego Chargers have a solid history of working with AEG. For the 2003 and 2004 seasons the Bolts held their training camp at an AEG owned facility in Carson, CA.

“Does this mean that the Bolts are packing up after the season to find a new home in L.A.? Not necessarily! But it sure does prove that we as Charger fans cannot dismiss the idea of it.”

Having lived in San Diego several years ago, and having been able to go to the stadium ticket window on the day of a PLAYOFF game in 2004 and get the seat my choice, methinks San Diego fans have a right to be nervous. If it wasn’t for that admittedly awesome Super Chargers song you guys would not deserve a team.