Reborn San Diego Free Press Experiences a Super Sunday

Two months ago, Oceanside Ocean Beach, CA Web newspaper OB Rag resurrected the San Diego Free Press, a publication with brief, historic origins. The progressive paper was put out in 1968-69 by UCSD students following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., sold for a quarter on campus and city streets.

The new Web only version launched June 4 with the slogan “Grassroots News & Progressive Views.” Today, at the OB Rag end, Free Press editorial board member Frank Gormlie writes that things are coming along nicely:

Since the launch, readership has steadily increased. By two and half weeks into its run, the Free Press started seeing daily readership totals of between 400 to 600 unique visitors – with the traditional weekend dips… There would be the occasional day of over 800, 900 or even a thousand hits as readers. Around the third week of July, the daily averages were hitting 600 or more. Yesterday, Sunday, August 5th – was the online site’s best day ever with 1,776 readers.

With the SDFP having also just been added to Google News, those numbers will only get better. To read Gormlie’s full piece, click here.

Meanwhile, FishbowlLA loves the cheekiness of today’s Free Press front page headline “The Starting Line – ‘Obama Launches Unprovoked Attack on Mars.'”