10 Little Known Facts About San Diego Facebook Users

San Diego, located in beautiful Southern California, is the second largest city in the state. The city is more than just awesome weather and beaches though as its amazing attractions, excellent universities, and prominent lists of residents are just a few reasons to call the area home. Let’s grab a delicious California Burrito, relax and enjoy the weather, and learn a little bit more about San Diego. We have researched the city’s Facebook users, and have found some interesting tidbits about the city’s hometown pride. Check out our findings below.


There are roughly 1,585,960 Facebook users in the San Diego area. An estimated 165,800 more women are on the site in the SoCal town. About 28% of users are between the ages 18-24.


Oddly enough, the two professional sports team both have very similar numbers in terms of hometown fans. Both the San Diego Chargers in the NFL, and the San Diego Padres in the MLB, have about 106,000 fans on the site.


Many people both in, and out of state, head towards San Diego to spend their college years on sunny shores, and not to mention the excellent educational institutions. San Diego State University has about 130,000 graduates in the US on Facebook. Fun fact, about 1760 people in the area are fans of the various San Diego athletic teams. About 44% either started, or stayed, for that beautiful California sunshine. University of California’s San Diego campus has about 85,740 graduates in the US. A private university in the area, University of San Diego, has about 29,000 graduates in the area.


Lets talk fast food and a bit of delicious Mexican food with a SoCal twist.

Jack in the Box was started in San Diego, and has about 3,000 fans on the site. It just doesn’t compare to those delicious burgers at In-N-Out though, as over 34,100 San Diegans are fans of the fast food chain.

Mexican food is also very popular in the area. Sombrero Mexican Food restaurant has over 1,700 fans in the area. In general, Carne Asada Fries have over 10,000 mouths watering around San Diego on Facebook. The California Burrito, that only San Diego can seem to do just right, has about 8,100 fans on the site. Anyone want to mail me those Carne Asada Fries?


The world famous San Diego Zoo is an attraction with 38,320 local fans on the site. The zoo is located in Balboa Park, and the park as a whole, has almost 10,000 people that enjoy visiting regularly. Theme park Legoland has about 900 fans on Facebook. Anyone enjoying taking their kids to the newly opened Water Park at Legoland?


Extremely popular band Blink 182 hail from the San Diego area. Blink 182 have about 10,000 local fans on Facebook. Jason Mraz is a California transplant who owns an avocado farm in the area. Jason Mraz has almost 16,000 fans in his native area. Tom Waits sang a beautiful serenade to the city 1974. Tom Waits was also born just a few hours from the area, and he has about 3,000 fans in San Diego.


I’ve managed to avoid using Anchorman quotes this entire post, but maybe they would have gotten a laugh or two. Anchorman, set in San Diego, has almost 10,000 fans in town. Cameron Crowe, who is also a native to the area, filmed and set much of Almost Famous in the San Diego area. That is logical though, as the movie is based on Crowe’s own experiences.

Taking to the ’80s, and the skies, the Tom Cruise classic Top Gun was set on a Naval Base in San Diego. Maverick and Goose won the hearts of about 4,700 locals in the city with the movie Top Gun.


In the world of Facebook, the most popular media publication appears to be the San Diego Citybeat with 2,600 fans. About 1,300 are San Deigo Union-Tribune supporters. Local magazine, San Diego, has about 1,600 fans in the area.


San Diego is the eighth largest city in the country. It has many excellent universities, an abundance of talented and prominent residents, awesome sports teams, a world-renowned zoo, delicious foods, and so much more that we could go on for days. Their Facebook users are passionate to its hometown cultures, and that is awesome considering the size of the area. You stay classy, San Diego.