San Diego CityBeat Columnist Had a Merry Xmas in Jail

Columnist Enrique Limon unveiled one of the least merry Christmas stories we’ve ever read in this week’s San Diego CityBeat. Limon was arrested for public drunkenness on Christmas day by San Diego police, despite only drinking what he says was a “thimbleful of Beringer (rosé, for that touch of class).”

Limon says his Xmas nightmare started after a police officer detained him after crossing a street in Downtown San Diego.

The officer, sans badge or ID tag, instructed me to surrender my identification, proceeded with what I believe was an illegal search and wrote me a jaywalking ticket. He mentioned—as I was spread against the car that, by signing it, I wasn’t admitting guilt.

“What happens if I don’t sign it?” I asked in a normal tone.

“That’s it!” he shouted. By then, a crowd had gathered, and the looks and giggles coming from the gaggle of gays had proven too much for him. He grabbed my right hand and began handcuffing me. Swift as a butterfly, I grabbed the pen and signed the ticket with my left. Therein lied the Catch-22.

He was befuddled, as I had technically signed it, so he consulted his buddies on his next move; by then, it had turned into a three-man operation…

Officer No Name threw me in the back seat, slammed the door on my knee and, no rights read, took me Downtown. He asked what I do for a living.

“I’m a journalist,” I responded, “and you just gave me my next story.”

Limon spent the next 11 hours in jail–missing plenty of delicious Christmas leftovers in the process. He says his officers failed to perform any kind of sobriety test before arresting him. Something tells us this won’t be last we hear of his case.