San Diego City Government Gives Departing CityBeat Journo Dave Maass His Own Day of Honor

Don’t see much of this in the alt-weekly world.

This past Wednesday, the San Diego city council officially named February 13th “Dave Maass Day,” in honor of the departing San Diego CityBeat journo, who just took a new gig with the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco .

Maass tells us three council members read the proclamation out loud at his going away party. “So funny,” he says. “It’s not every day that a city names a day after me. Of course, if they did, that would make it Dave Maass Year….which I guess will have to be my goal for San Francisco.”

Considering how miserable he made life for San Diego politicians of all stripes during his three-plus years at the paper, the council is undoubtedly happy to see him go.

CityBeat editor Dave Rolland also wrote a nice tribute piece about Maass’ achievements with the paper.