San Bernardino Police Chief Points to Local Newspaper Op-Ed

The key word in Michel Nolan's cited article: resilient.

When a journalist at today’s lunchtime press conference asked San Bernardino police chief Jarrod Burguan how the local community will handle the trauma of Wednesday’s mass shooting, he cited an article in today’s edition of the San Bernardino Sun. The chief agreed with reporter Michel Nolan that the city where he has been police chief since 1992 is “resilient.”


From the end of Nolan’s piece:

San Bernardino will not lie down in fear because terror has come to town.

Whether or not this was terror with a capital T, the city did know terror that afternoon.

And once again, this scrappy little city will take a stand and fight back.

Nolan typically covers the “sunny side” of San Bernardino. Earlier this year for example, she wrote about a local woman selected as one of CNN’s 2015 Heroes.

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