2 Prince Photos, 1 Prince Basketball Game

Only the image from Christmas Day 2004 is real.

Shortly after Prince’s death, thousands of people retweeted a picture purported to be from the infamous 1985 pick-up basketball game pitting Prince and the Revolution against Eddie Murphy, brother Charlie and friends. The photo was doctored, as Charlie Murphy eventually confirmed.

But the one above, shared today on Instagram by actor Samuel L. Jackson, is real. A decade after this moment, Prince would publicly verify the details of a story canonized on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show, clarifying that although pancakes were indeed served after the game, he did not cook them.

The Jackson-Prince courtside screen grab is from a Christmas Day 2004 match between the Lakers and Miami. It was Shaquille O’Neal’s first visit back to STAPLES Center after being traded.

Watch the Chappelle’s Show sketch here. In the Instagram caption, Jackson writes that Prince told him those 1985 basketball opponents all wore church shoes. And although he added that it ‘looks like we [Lakers] were losing,’ the Dec. 25 game was close, with Miami eventually winning in overtime 104-102.

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