Samsung: We’re Not a Mobile Content Company

In the wake of Nokia’s Comes With Music Store, Sony Ericsson’s new Unlimited Music Store, and Apple’s, well, everything, Samsung is leaving no doubt as to its position with regard to mobile content, Mobile News reports; the company said that it plans to continue making mobile phones comes first—albeit mobile phones open to delivering a network’s services.

This puts it in sharp contrast particularly with Nokia, which has made it clear in recent months that devices alone “are no longer enough.”

“Manufacturing is what we do; we see ourselves as a manufacturer first and foremost,” said Vice president of mobile Mark Mitchinson. “We are working with our customers and the networks around the content and services they are developing… I’m not saying other manufacturers are forcing into this market; they have made their stance very clear, that they need to be in services, and we do too, just in a slightly different way.”