Samsung Ships A Million Galaxy Tablets

Samsung has sold 3 million Galaxy S smartphones and a million Galaxy Tab tablets. According to Samsung Telecommunications America and research firm Gartner, Samsung Mobile captured 32.1 percent of the U.S. Android smartphone market in Q3 2010 based on retail sales, an increase from 9.2 percent of the Android smartphone market in Q4 2009.

This makes the Samsung the most popular Android-based phone on the market last quarter. In a press release, Samsung Mobile attributed the success to shipping more than three million phones.

In addition Sci-Tech Today is reporting that Samsung has shipped more than a million Galaxy Tab tablets. Here is more from the news site: “The news appears to position the seven-inch device as the main competitor for Apple’s category-dominating iPad — at least for now. The Tab was launched worldwide in mid-October, and began selling in the U.S. in the middle of last month. Apple’s iPad has sold about 7.2 million units since its launch in April.”

With the growth of Android-based devices like these, we expect to see more eReader apps optimized for the Android market. Already, Kobo upgraded its Android app earlier this week.