Samsung Mobile USA, Facebook and others in this week’s top PTAT gainers among Product/Service pages

Samsung Mobile USA is this week’s top gaining page in the People Talking About This metric among product and service category pages. The page recorded almost 2 million additional engagements this week.

The top 10 product and service pages gaining PTAT saw increases between 77,056 and 1,964,759 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1    Samsung Mobile USA 2,771,828 0 +1,964,795
2    I DRIVE SAFELY 693,165 +115,816 +602,861
3    Facebook 3,211,624 -423,389 +598,640
4    I Love My Dog 709,914 +99,139 +578,263
5    Hanes 196,978 0 +167,216
6    Escuela para Aprender a s… 426,520 -8,066 +140,224
7    Pro 7 120,402 +103,054 +104,104
8    McDonald’s Sverige 122,561 +15,240 +92,141
9    Du liebst mich? Zeig’s mi… 432,312 +91,200 +79,149
10    Colgate Max Fresh India 92,327 +22,029 +78,001
11    Petcentric by Purina 143,685 0 +77,056

With the release of the iPhone 5, Samsung has been promoting its competing device, the Galaxy S III. The company has supported the phone with an aggressive campaign including traditional advertising tactics such as billboards and TV spots. Samsung Mobile has been using Facebook social ads as a companion to these marketing efforts, purchasing promoted posts, sponsored stories and sidebar ads. The graph below shows how the page has increased rapidly in page Likes with the PTAT following suit.

Facebook‘s own fan page is the third top gaining page this week thanks to its first major ad campaign with Wieden & Kennedy. The video has received over 800,000 likes and 185,000 shares. The company has also been running promotions on how it has reached over a billion members, profiling celebrities, athletes and high profile executives around the world. Much of the text is in different languages, displaying the social network’s global influence.

Earlier in the week, the page had a PTAT over 4 million, but has only started to fall since. The page has over 77 million Likes making it the second most Liked page on Facebook, after the company’s feature phone app Facebook for Every Phone. It remains to be seen what other advertising efforts the company might make.

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