Samsung, Levi’s, Walmart, Zynga, Sports, Halloween and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Brands such as Samsung Mobile, Levi’s Walmart and Facebook were popular on our list of the fastest growing Facebook Pages by the number of Likes this week, in addition to a few sports Pages, a small business Page and the Halloween Community Page. There were also a few Page consolidations that made the list. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. Jamaicansmusic.com1,896,477+131+675,353
2. TNT We Know Drama820,504+1,769+613,466
3. Samsung Mobile4,242,723+99,905+546,700
4. Levi’s8,564,067+67,589+509,796
5. John Grisham983,221+445,938+451,101
6. Titanic13,486,119+57,296+409,479
7. Texas Hold’em Poker52,422,603+48,919+348,831
8. Small Business Saturday1,884,732+19,346+337,015
9. facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake!445,3510+333,025
10. Walmart10,084,387+51,460+328,335
11. Facebook55,174,470+42,966+324,688
12. Need for Speed4,459,374+14,882+324,261
13. Hotel Urbano800,712+41,795+323,379
14. UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship6,867,709+3,189+323,106
15. Toma tu like .l.1,192,678+143,173+304,661
16. Real Madrid C.F.21,248,219+30,610+303,954
17. Halloween651,288+127,724+298,886
18. Te quiero ♥… Ver BIEN lejos 😀408,752+61,101+296,513
19. Adele8,087,732+37,192+296,030
20. Cristiano Ronaldo35,893,624+41,471+276,318 grew by 675,400 Likes, apparently by a Page consolidation. The other musician that was on the list was singer Adele, whose Page saw 296,000 Likes in the past week as she was nominated for a music award. A few media Pages made the list, TNT We Know Drama by 613,500 Likes as the result of a Page consolidation and then “ Titanic” with 409,500 Likes.

Brands previously mentioned included Samsung Mobile with 546,700 Likes as the company promotes a new phone. Then Levi’s saw 509,800 Likes after the company sponsored a nationwide hiring day in its stores. Walmart saw 328,300 Likes on its Page, which includes a variety of promotions that create feed and news ticker stories. Facebook grew by 324,700 Likes and Brazilian discount travel company Hotel Urbano by 323,400 Likes, the Page is constantly posting updates about deals.

There were games on the list, Texas Hold’em Poker with 348,800 Likes and Need for Speed with 324,300 Likes, growing a lot after the release of a Michael Bay-directed commercial. There were also sports on the list. UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship benefitted from a Page consolidation with 323,100 Likes. Then Real Madrid C.F. with 304,000 Likes and team star Cristiano Ronaldo saw 276,300; both Pages posted constantly about news and team-related photos.

The rest of the list was rounded out by author John Grisham, who seemed to benefit from a Page consolidation with 451,100 Likes. American Express’ Small Business Saturday Page grew by 337,000 Likes as the November 26 event. The  facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake! grew by 333,000 Likes but doesn’t appear to work. Toma tu like .l. is a Spanish language humor site with 304,700 Likes this week. The Halloween Community Page grew by 298,900 Likes and finally the Te quiero ♥… Ver BIEN lejos 😀 Page grew by 296,500 Likes.