Samsung Tries 'Choose Your Own Adventure' With New YouTube Campaign

A downtown grocery store is robbed and Samsung asks viewers who should save the day in a new interactive YouTube campaign. The Nerd, The Hot Girl, The Grandma, The Fan or The Kung Fu Master?

Samsung always pulls out all the stops with innovative video campaigns, from 3D projection mapping to the first ever YouTube takeover game and one of the most original unboxing videos of all time. Now they’re at it again, and this time Samsung is going interactive with a new YouTube campaign for their Android-based Galaxy Player 50.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 50 campaign is a simple choose-your-own-adventure style experience. Basically, it stages a robbery in a grocery store in “downtown” and asks viewers who they would like to see save the day – The Nerd, The Hot Girl, The Grandma, The Fan or The (portly) Kung Fu Master? Five different videos give each character a chance to save the day, thanks to their Galaxy Player 50, and to show off some of the player’s features along the way.

At the end of each character’s video you can click to watch the other characters save the day or you can click to watch interviews with the characters as they reveal the secret of how they saved the day. In the video below the Grandma shows how she used the Galaxy Player 50 to save the day.

I think this campaign is great. It’s not as complicated as some of the lengthier Choose Your Own Adventure style interactive YouTube videos, but it’s cute and silly and makes you want to check out all the characters to see just what they did to save the day. I like that it shows off all the features of the Galaxy Player 50 without being dry and boring – after all, watching a little old grandma show robbers pictures and show off her changeable batter is pretty darn entertaining if you ask me. Also, I like to see big brands turning to more innovative methods of advertising on YouTube. Samsung, as I mentioned at the beginning, is no stranger to innovative advertising and I am excited to see what they’ll come out with next.

What do you think of the Galaxy Player 50 campaign? Which character is your favorite?