Samsung Galaxy Tab: Android Tablet (yay), Verizon Only (boo), Bluetooth Pen (Hmm :-)

The Android tablet story has been a non-starter so far. Archos Internet Home Tablet, Dell Streak, and various unknown brand names have not fired up much interest so far. Can Samsung repeat their recent Android phone success in the tablet form factor? According to BGR, that’s what we’re about to find out.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is Verizon Wireless’ tablet

AllTouchTablet provides information that ups the interest level on this Android tablet by providing details about periperals for the unreleased device.

More Samsung Galaxy TAB accessories info has surfaced

The most interesting of the Samsung Galaxy Tab peripheraps? How about a Bluetooth Pen that is also a receiver and phone control?

My biggest concern about this product is that it is tied to a single U.S. carrier. Even the iPad has a WiFi-only version for those who do not want yet another monthly fee to pay.