Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android Tablet) Getting a Lot of Attention for a Product That May Never Appear in the U.S.

Sure, Samsung’s Galaxy S Android smartphones are selling well. However, the interest in Samsung’s unreleased Android tablet fascinates me considering Samsung has not provided price, carrier affiliation, or U.S.availability information.

Samsung Galaxy Tab preview (Engadget)

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Runs Froyo, Has Flash and Measures 7 Inches (Gizmodo)

The 7-inch display for the GT-P1000 model is certainly a tablet display size that I’ve been looking for. However, the Tab’s other specifications are merely “interesting” for something that appears heading to a release date just a few months (or less) before Apple starts gearing up for the second generation iPad in early 2011.

It has just two significant features that the iPad lacks is interesting: Front and rear cameras and a microSD slot. I suppose you can consider voice telephony a third major additional feature. But, I don’t think most people expect to make conventional phone calls on their iPad.

Would I buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab? Yes, it were priced at under $400 without tying it to any carrier. I don’t need yet another monthly recurring fee.