Samsung Galaxy Is Expensive At 799 Euro


According to, Samsung is recommending that its new Galaxy tablet be sold for 799 Euro, a bit steep compared to the $499 iPad.

The price may end up being lower, as this is just the suggested retail price. has more: “What this means is that Samsung have built in a big pricing buffer that their customers (the carriers and resellers) can play with. We’re expecting street prices to be way lower than this and we saw a few nods when we mentioned 500 Euros. I get the impression we’re going to see early pricing hit 700 immediately and then a decline to the 600 mark over the next 3 months.”

Is the price really worth it? The new Android-based tablet has a 7-inch color touch screen and includes multimedia applications. Users can use the device to read, watch videos, listen to music, browse the Internet and send SMS messages. Sounds a lot like the iPad.