Samsung ChatOn Joining Increasingly Crowded Group Messaging Category

Group text and picture messaging looks to become a crowded category as 2011 rolls along. Apple started the ball rolling with the announcement (but not the release) of iMessage earlier this summer as part of its iOS 5 announcement. Google provided Huddle as a the group messaging component of Google+ apps for iOS and Android. Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android soon followed.

Next up? Samsung announced their own worldwide messaging service that they claim works across all major smartphone and feature phone platforms.

Samsung introduces ChatON mobile communication service

The service is a multimedia one supporting text, iamges, handwritten notes and video. Unlike Google+ Huddle, ChatOn is also accessible via a desktop browser. Samsung states that ChatOn even works in a basic mode on feature phones.

Via Reuters: Samsung launches mobile instant messaging tool

Video courtesy of SamsungTomorrow