Same Getty, New Guy

Making up for the last few weeks of west coast ignorance we’re jumping straight on the news that the Getty just hired a new director, Michael Brand, formerly of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The closest we’ve come to seeing how a museum operates was watching badass Bette on the first season of the L Word before it started sucking except for Shane who we have the most caught the gay for. We somehow doubt Brand is going to be getting up to the same shenanigans, but it seems that the Getty has enough going on without any extra action. Artnet points out that their PR budget is some insane figure around $4 million a year, and that they’ve had to hire crisis management firm Sitrick & Co. (fear, inspired). The Times says the job is going to start involving much more fundraising than the earlier director did, which we understand as meaning Brand is going to be rocking the booze and schmooze, in between missing his favorite Asian art, which the museum lacks. Not that the museum can possibly lack anything else, given who designed it. Phwar.