THR Shines a Light on Terminally Ill Simpsons, Taxi Vet

If you’re looking for the absolute, welcome opposite to all that Anthony Weiner-The Dirty business, this is it. For the August 2 print edition of The Hollywood Reporter, Gary Baum caught up with terminally ill The Simpsons executive producer Sam Simon:

Five months ago, the nine-time Emmy winner – whose post-Simpsons projects have included directing (The Drew Carey Show), hosting (the short-lived poker reality series Sam’s Game for Playboy TV) and consulting (currently on FX’s Anger Management) – was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. He confirmed during a May 16 WTF With Marc Maron podcast that he was given the prognosis of three to six months to live and that he will donate nearly all of his sizable Simpsons royalties – which he has said earn him “tens of millions” annually – to charity.

The Q&A was done just before the July 4 holiday. There’s so much to process here, but even before the diagnosis, Simon was already a Bill Gates-like charity champ, funneling millions into his own charitable efforts and the likes of PETA. He says The Rockefeller Foundation has been instrumental in helping him set everything up to continue smoothly after his death.

The 58-year-old Simon, twice married with no kids, says if there’s one thing he would like to see happen, it’s the cessation of medical experiments on animals. He works half a day each week with Anger Management writers and continues to host an Internet radio show. Read the full Q&A here.

[Photo, used with permission, courtesy The Hollywood Reporter]