Sam Seder Launches New Radio Show

Actor and comedian Sam Seder re-launched his former Air America show Majority Report today. This time he’s using a subscriber and membership model to independently produce a daily Internet radio show bearing the same name. With a 250 square foot office in the shadow of the New York Times, Seder, star of the hilarious series Pilot Season, and two of his former Air America staff have joined with web developer and fan Kyle Shank to bring back the popular political talk show.

The show officially launched today and we hear it debuted at #28 on iTunes.

The project has a tiered subscription system. Seder told us for $1000 a month you actually get to be Sam Seder. Otherwise members get special access to content. We’re also told the YouTubed and podcasted content has its first sponsor and is expecting more soon.

To sum up: All you need is a rabid fan-based market demand with proven on-air talent and a computer. Then you’re there! Simple!

Listen to the show and/or subscribe here.

Congrats, Sam. We’ll be watching.