Sam Champion Anthrax Mailer Unfit For Trial

1205champion.jpgthe Completely Unsurprising Department: The nutjob who sent a fake anthrax-laced letter to Good Morning America weatherman and gay icon around town Sam Champion turns out to be… a Williamsburg resident. Well, he lived in Williamsburg before being institutionalized:

Court-appointed shrinks yesterday found Andrew Dunleavy, 46, of Williamsburg, mentally unfit for trial on felony charges of placing a false hazardous substance.

Prosecutors did not contest the finding, and Dunleavy’s Legal Aid lawyer, Golda Fleischman, said he’d stay in Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center until he is stable enough to understand the charges against him and assist in his own defense.

Because if it’s a wacky news story… Odds are Williamsburg will be involved.