Gawker’s Sam Biddle Sits Down With His Twitter Prey

This is without a doubt one of the best things Sam Biddle has ever written. Prolific Twitter user Adam Penenberg retweeted this line from today’s article:

Twitter disasters are the quickest source of outrage, and outrage is traffic.

But the one that resonated immediately with us comes a little later:

Justine Sacco had a face that wasn’t made up of pixels.

Indeed. How many of us would post all that we do if the face staring back was across the desk and human, rather than on the computer screen and Avatar size? Biddle’s article is all about how he was contacted and met with, six months after a high-traffic trail about a very unfortunate tweet, with the tweeted joke’s author, at the time head of global communications for media giant IAC.

Did Biddle, over dinner and margaritas, apologize to Sacco for what he’d done? How does it connect to a Twitter shit storm with Biddle in the middle, this fall? You’ll have to read the Gawker piece to find out.

But crucially, when Sacco deconstructs her tweet about her South Africa visit “fears,” she reminds how much nuance and intent can be lost when the limit is 140 characters. And the receiving audience in a perpetual rush to spray it forward.

Or, as Sacco so clearly sums it up to Biddle: “Someday, you’ll Google me and my LinkedIn will be the first thing that pops up.”

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