Sam Adams Leverages History Lesson But Gets Schooled Instead

It’s the July 4th week which means Americans are being subjected to an array of emotional, patriotic as well as awkward and inane commercials designed to leverage the theme of America in the name of capitalism.

We get it. We’re Americans. We’re capitalists. Despite the ubiquitous campy and low-budget local commercials hawking used cars, pawn shops and mattresses (these can be quite endearing actually), big brands are also in the business of using the Fourth of July as a platform to reach the American public. Some brands do this better, or worse, than others.

Sam Adams recently released a commercial that—judging by the comment section—is confounding and angering the public more than it is inspiring them to drink Sam Adams.

As Hulka336Rockets wrote:

“Misquoting the Declaration—deliberately! Good gawd.”

Or, as BF2Star commented:

“This commercial is a disgrace. The commercial deliberately misquotes the Declaration of Independence. Here is what the paid Sam Adams actor says: ‘…they are endowed with certain unalienable Rights…’

Here is what the Declaration of Independence actually says:

‘…they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…’

As created beings we have a Creator. This is included in our nation’s Declaration of Independence. Why is Sam Adams deliberately omitting this?”

It is fine (though somewhat inherently risky) to name a beer after an important American historical figure and build a brand around an image that espouses the all-American values of our founding fathers. But, honestly, beer should not be treated any more seriously than that. Sam Adams should remember it is a beer company, not a political entity.

So Sam Adams may want to revisit its decision to play loosely with the Declaration of Independence; Americans naturally have strong feelings regarding the document and take offense when they believe it is being exploited or molested.

Watch the video above. Did Sam Adams cross any damaging PR lines here, or are the haters simply taking the commercial too seriously? After all, it’s beer and America’s birthday: the good things in life. It’d be nice if we could all just get along.

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