Salon’s Joan Walsh: Don’t You Know Who I Am?


Dainty it wasn’t. Salon‘s Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh had one of those kind of moments on Sunday’s CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Howard Kurtz.

The topic was race and the recent incident with the USDA’s Shirley Sherrod, who was forced to resign after a video surfaced showing her to be racist against a white farmer. But the video had been edited to leave out the full story.

“Reliable Sources” pitted Walsh against Politics Daily‘s media writer Matt Lewis, who’s listed as a contributor on and who recently interviewed’s Editor Andrew Breitbart for Politics Daily. Breitbart first ran the edited Sherrod interview that led to her resignation. Lewis contended Breitbart had been duped even though Breitbart told Lewis that the clip he was sent hadn’t “transferred properly.”

The great “Don’t you know who I am moment?” came when Lewis carelessly remarked that Walsh was from Netroots Nation. This is when Walsh – who knows how to seethe with the best of them – really began to seethe. She spoke to Lewis with pure disgust.

“Excuse me, I’m not at NetRoots Nation – are you on this planet?” Walsh snapped. “I’m in San Francisco.” And then, (not so) under her breath, she added with as much irritation as she could muster, “Jesus!”

The Netroots Nation Convention, a gathering of liberal activists and bloggers, was held in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Walsh went on to further castrate Lewis (read: take Lewis down a notch or 10) by blasting his recent interview with Breitbart, saying, “You interviewed him and you let him run his mouth and you didn’t challenge him,” she said.

Lewis took his beating quietly, with a slight smile.

Still, Walsh couldn’t let the matter of who she is go. Find out what else she said after the jump…

Walsh said, “I want to make clear because Matt doesn’t seem to know who I am. I was not on the Journolist. I was not asked to be on the Journolist and I criticized [The Nation’s] Chris Hayes and [Wired’s] Spencer Ackerman for their language a few days ago.”