Burned by Open Salon Hoax Story displayed a story from its Open Salon social content site by Norman Novus, a graduate student of anthropology at Case Western Reserve University, in which he wrote about being harassed by religious activists outside his research suite.

However, what seemed like a good example of synergy backfired, as an anonymous tipster reports that the story is a hoax. The tipster said the story remained on the home page for about 15 hours.

From the About Open Salon page from when the site was still in private beta testing:

Open Salon is a social content site we hope to officially launch later this year. We’ve been hosting a lively private beta test for several months now, with about 1,300 of our closest friends. We’re now pleased to open the door for everyone else.

What, precisely, can you do here? After a quick registration, you can start blogging immediately—and rating and commenting on other posts, messaging other members, and more. You can also invite other members into Open Salon from your own blog page.

The Open Salon home page functions like a real-time magazine cover. We spotlight the best content, but you can also see what other members are reading, rating and commenting on. A new issue goes up every evening at 8 p.m. ET; we update the cover every morning at 11 a.m. ET, and as necessary. In the near future, we’ll begin featuring the best Open Salon content on the cover of We’ll also be unveiling ways for you to earn money for your great work on Open. More to come.