Salman Rushdie Gets a New Look

Handsome website is the work of New York graphic designer Adrian Kinloch.

New York graphic designer Adrian Kinloch has worked with a number of literary clients including Random House, Simon & Schuster and John Irving. This month, he unveiled his latest such website creation:

The image at right is part of the handsome tiled navigation greeting visitors on the home page. Inside, there is all sorts of exciting recent news to be found, from Rushdie’s selection as the next Commencement speaker at Emory University to his five-year Writer in Residence commitment to NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, which will begin in the fall.

There is also a tantalizing glimpse of Rushdie’s tenth novel Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights. The book will be released September 28, right around the time that Rushdie is settling in to his NYU duties:

Louise Dennys, executive publisher of Random House of Canada, said of the new novel: “Salman Rushdie is our preeminent storyteller, but he has outdone even himself in his spellbinding new novel – his most entertaining, most moving and, given the novel’s powerful moral vision, his most deceptively lighthearted… It is absolutely gripping. The characters we meet here, with their dreams of love, their hopes and ambitions for themselves and the world, their battles for survival and for power, will live in our imaginations for years. The novel is sometimes such fun you will laugh aloud, but you will also be moved to tears.”

By the way, there’s something oddly comical about the idea of a man of Rushdie’s stature, who mans his own Twitter account, having to deal with the social network’s silly side. To the 67-year-old’s credit, he’s keeping that part of his busy year in perspective.