Sally Quinn+BlackBerry+Toilet = Dangerous Combo

Attention WaPo journos! Someone left her BlackBerry in the ladies’ room.

This was the content of a memo dispatched to reporters Tuesday evening. Shortly thereafter another memo went out from faith writer Sally Quinn that shed light on who left her BlackBerry in the restroom.

At 6:53 p.m. a newsroom-wide email went out from Caitlin Gibson with the subject line: “blackberry left in 5th floor women’s restroom.” It went on to say, “It was left in a stall — now sitting on the wooden end table in the 5th floor ladies’ room, awaiting retrieval by its owner.”

Around 7:42 p.m. Quinn wrote: “My blackberry was left on the wooden end table in the 5th floor ladies room. Please
contact me if you find it at 202-867-5309 or  Thanks. Sally Q”

Though there was a minor discrepancy on where Quinn left the BlackBerry (closer to the toilet is more dangerous) we trust she got her gadget back.

(Note to readers: We got inventive so Quinn wouldn’t be flooded with emails and calls today.)