Sally Quinn Doesn’t Care That You Find Her (Former) Column Irrelevant And, Frankly, Kind Of Embarrassing

Sally Quinn (of the “Sally Quinn” Quinns), the Washington Post columnist whose column, “The Party,” was recently scrapped, says she has “absolutely no regrets” over writing about, like, how her great-aunt’s second cousin’s niece’s friend’s husband’s mother-in-law’s goldish doesn’t know how to use Google Calendar.

Quinn, you may recall, wrote a piece chronicling her family’s scheduling issues in response to a question no one had asked and criticism no one had dealt. “The Party” was then over for Quinn.

When asked about the incident by Politico, Quinn responded “I have absolutely no regrets at all.”

Quinn added that the column was never meant to be a long-term endeavor and was, instead, meant to focus on “holiday entertaining” and faith and “the generosity of the spirit.” And then Sally Quinn turned a mediocre somersault and hissed at a passing car.