Gets Access To Twitter’s Firehose Through New Partnership, a global enterprise cloud computing company, has inked a deal with Twitter to enable its Radian6 customers to access tweets directly from the firehose.

This will be especially useful for those using Radian6 for customer relations management, as they now have insight into what their customers are tweeting about in real-time.

Twitter does have similar firehose deals with other enterprise-level companies, including Gnip and Dataminr.

Now that Radian6 has joined this exclusive club, the company can offer something few of its competitors can: access to billions and billions of tweets every month. Other services only get a small, random sampling of tweets at a time (which add up to millions of tweets in many cases), but being able to tap into the 400 million real-time tweets sent every day will no doubt excite many Radian6 customers.

As AllThingsD points out, the financials of this deal were not disclosed. That’s nothing out of the ordinary for Twitter, which is a privately held company, but Salesforce isn’t. The lack of financial disclosure means that the amount was likely not “material”, so it stands to reason that the partnership is about more than just money changing hands.

Salesforce Radian6 has had a fruitful relationship with Twitter for some time, with Twitter turning to the enterprise software company to provide analysis of the first-ever Twitter Town Hall at the White House.

Jana Messerschmidt, vice president of Business Development at Twitter, has this to say about the partnership:

“Companies look to Twitter to connect with their customers in real time about the things that matter to them. understands how to facilitate these interactions. Combining the power of Salesforce Radian6 with Twitter helps companies understand and respond to their customers as these conversations are happening.”