Marketing via Periscope and Meerkat (Infographic)

How can marketers incorporate live-streaming applications Periscope and Meerkat into their social strategies?

How can marketers incorporate live-streaming applications Periscope and Meerkat into their social strategies?

Salesforce examined the attributes of both apps, saying that combined, they have totaled more than 580,000 posts, 190,000 users and 5 billion impressions.

CORRECTION: Meerkat emailed SocialTimes with the following information:

  • The numbers published in the infographic for posts, users and impressions are inaccurate.
  • Meerkat does not require users to have Twitter to join. New users can join also with Facebook, or just a phone number if they don’t want to link a social account.
  • There are several thousand Meerkat users with more than 10,000 followers.
  • Meerkat does have a browsing mode in which users can see all the live and upcoming streams.

Salesforce added in a blog post:

Despite their different features, both of these apps are great tools to add to your business’ social media arsenal. You can live-stream news about your company, such as future event details or product launches. You can also host question-and-answer sessions, feature product demonstrations and run flash sales.

Readers: Have you used Periscope, Meerkat, both, or neither?


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