Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brings Radian6 Listening Coverage To Russia And China

Marketers can now “listen” to about a billion additional social media users, thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s newly added Radian6 listening coverage for the Russian and Chinese markets.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, one of Twitter’s second wave of Certified Products, achieved the new listening functionality through partnerships with the major networks in both countries – Sina Weibo and Tencent in China, VKontakte in Russia.

Here’s what Radian6 listening to activity on Russian site looks like:

Salesforce now supports 22 languages and tracks 650 million sources from social networks to blogs and forums.

And since Russia and China were the last large remaining markets for Salesforce to enter, the product can now pretty much listen to consumers around the globe.

Which means no excuses for marketers who aren’t listening closely to their consumers on Twitter!

Here’s a demo video of how Salesforce Marketing Cloud works:

Note that Synthesio, another leading global social media monitoring software company, monitors and analyzes social media conversations in 200 countries and 50 languages. Its customers can listen to brands in Russia and China as well.