From our tip jar:

We still do not have a clear indication of where or when this sale will take place. There has been a considerable amount of discussion surrounding NBC and selling KSTS/Telemundo 48 and converting that to Telemundo 4 or the other way around NBC would move the Telemundo to 11 and NBC4 would be originating out of San Jose. The COL – City of Location would still be San Francisco for Channel 4 but its new location would be out of San Jose which would share the same new studio facilities as KNTV.

The studios of KRON at 1001 Van Ness would be sold off and although NBC has a studio on Broadway near CBS and ABC San Francisco would have the presence of all three networks – FOX not included.

I don’t know how accurate this information is and if it’s even worth the time to print it but something is brewing and from what we gather it’s been kind of very secretive and confidential.

It’s worth the paper it’s printed on. We assure you.