SaKi Chat on Facebook

Saki ChatThere are a number of chat applications on Facebook that I have already featured on this blog. One of the chat applications that I have seemed to overlook is SaKi IM. SaKi was the first chat application on Facebook. The application is well designed and works perfectly from within your profile. The downside of the application is that you have to invite all of your friends first. Once you add the application, it tells you which of your friends have already added the application and what their username is. I think it would be highly beneficial to automatically add my friends to be SaKi chat buddies as soon as I sign up. It kind of defeats the purpose if they need to confirm me as a friend twice (once within Facebook and once through SaKi). SaKi has just hit their tipping point and are now experiencing exponential growth on Facebook. While they currently have just over 22,000 users, their user base is growing rapidly. This may end up being one of the more popular chat applications on Facebook. There is definitely some competition among the chat applications including Meebo, Google Talk, and Chizzat. It will be interesting to see which of these apps receives widespread adoption and whether Facebook will launch their own chat application. If you want to try out a new way to chat on Facebook, go grab the SaKi instant message application.