Sagmeister Goes Boom


Hot off the heals of Alissa’s post on Monday about the five designers who declined attending the National Design Awards (let’s start a name for them, shall we, like “The Designer Half-Dozen, Minus One”), comes Designboom’s interview, probably the best we’ve ever read, with Stefan Sagmeister, one of “The Designer Half-Dozen, Minus One” (see how this works?). Typical of DB’s work, there are loads of images, great questions, and this time, even some portions of the interview captured on video! It’s a great peek into the goings-ons of one of the big-time, uber-familiar designers of our time. Here’s some about what he and his peers do when they get together:

We have a group called ‘Second Tuesday’ and we meet every second month. There are about 15 people who run design firms. We always meet at someone’s home or studio, that person has to organize dinner and a subject. sometimes these subjects are quite practical such as finances. Lately the topics have been focused more towards administration and business rather than cultural aspects.