Sagmeister and Wolfsonian Send Out Delicious Reasons to Attend

Best part of writing for a design blog? You probably get the coolest-looking mail in the whole neighborhood. And we get lots of it around here. Most of it either gets look at then tossed, put aside so we can attend the event later, or, if it’s extra special, like a booklet or something, we thank the heavens for our job and place it careful on our shelf, to be later admired by our jealous friends. But sometimes, something truly unique finds its way into our mailbox. Yesterday was such a day as we found an invite to an event at Art Basel. It came in this shiny gold envelope with a warning on the back, “Please Open Carefully for Your Art Basel Invitation.”


We did as it asked and found this, a bar of chocolate with a title of a famous ongoing project: “Stefan Sagmeister: Things I Have Learned in My Life, So Far.


Unwrapping the wrapper, we found an invitation to a special event honoring Sagmeister at the Wolfsonian – Florida International University:


And unwrapping the chocolate bar, we found that a handful of Sagmeister’s learned “Things” were printed on it, which tied into the tease in the invite: “”Join Us In Consuming a New Piece, Created for the Occasion.”


It’s times like these that we really dig our job. Oh, and if you want to invite us to anything from now on, we’re going to have to ask that you submit the invitations in chocolate bars from now on.