Facebook Announces Formation Of The Safety Advisory Board

This evening Facebook sent out a press release announcing the formation of the “Facebook Safety Advisory Board, a group of five leading Internet safety organizations from North America and Europe that will serve in a consultative capacity to the company on issues related to online safety.” The goal is to proactively work together with existing online safety organizations to protect users. For those familiar with the traditionally reactive position that most social networks take, this is an unprecedented action by Facebook.

Facebook continues to invest in improved privacy settings for users, as well as working with organizations to ensure a safe environment on the world’s largest social platform. Facebook has been working with numerous groups over the past few months to build awareness about online security. This proactive stance has put Facebook on the offense when it comes to ensuring that users are safe on their site.

Rather than waiting for Attorney General offices to come after them (which has happened a couple times), Facebook is now working with companies like the BBC and MTV to spread awareness and prevent cyberbullying. “The five organizations on the” new Facebook Safety Advisory Board “are Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, WiredSafety, Childnet International and The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI).”

By working together with these organizations Facebook can continue to improve their product in ways which protect every user’s security, something which is critical for Facebook to continue experiencing sustained growth.