Sad Bat Boy: Brian Flemming On Weekly World News Demise


The Weekly World News is no more. Hard to believe but the most trusted name in wacky journalism has been closed down. Brian Flemming, of BatBoy, the Musical fame told FBLA:

This is a sad day for American journalism. I almost can’t believe it. But if the news comes from the Weekly World News, then I guess it must be true.

The Weekly World News didn’t just present Truth with a capital T, they presented it in *all* caps, often with several exclamation points. Without the WWN’s pioneering journalism, the world would never have known about the existence of Bat Boy, the survival of Elvis or the political preferences of extraterrestrials. The next time Satan appears in a storm cloud, it seems frighteningly possible
that the world will never even hear about it.

FBLA’s favorite cover story was

Statue of Elvis Found on Mars!