Sacramento Bee Helps Reunite Widow With Lost Wedding Ring

Call it the power of the press. Thomas King lost his wedding ring over 5 years ago, and he and his wife thought it gone forever. But this week, just six months after Thomas passed away, the ring was reunited with his 78-year-old widow, thanks to a kindhearted couple and a few good news organizations.

Shannon Callahan found the ring under the seat of a car she and her husband had purchased used. They hoped to return it, but were having little luck figuring out who the vehicle’s previous owners were. The car had originally been sold in El Paso, TX, so Shannon contacted the El Paso Times, who ran a story on the search. The AP distributed the story nationally, which was when the Sacramento Bee joined the hunt. Through the El Paso dealership where the car was sold, the Bee tracked down Darlene King in Auburn, CA.

Darlene said her husband lost the ring 5 or 6 years ago. “I told him it probably went down the drain or something,” she told the Bee. “We thought it was a lost cause.” She plans on giving the ring to her son. “It’ll be a gift from his father.”

More details at the Sacramento Bee.