Sacha Baron Cohen Goes All Out for The Brothers Grimsby

This time around, PR has included a clever Kimmel bit and a spot-on Apple parody.

No one does movie-star PR quite like Sacha Baron Cohen.

Highlights from his current campaign promoting The Brothers Grimsby include an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, during which instead of showing a borderline NC-17 clip from the new film, Cohen stayed up on stage while Kimmel and sidekick Guillermo ventured into the audience and allowed cameras to film their reaction to the too-hot-for-TV scene. “That’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen,” said Kimmel. Cohen replied that the full eight-minute version of the scene, which – ahem – involves an elephant’s vagina, was even crazier before being cut to meet MPAA rating guidelines.


And this week, to further promote The Brothers Grimsby, Cohen is starring in a video that parodies Apple product launches by presenting his latest character as a new and improved version of previous incarnations Bruno, Borat and Ali G. Forget about the usual Rotten Tomatoes percentage; the two calculations below are all that matter.


Kudos to Kimmel and his producers for coming up with a new twist on the tired old saw of an actor throwing to a movie clip. Seriously; if you missed that bit on the talk show, it’s flat-out (and refreshingly) hilarious.