Sac Bee, Other McClatchy Papers Negotiating New Contract

Sacramento BeeNewsroom employees at the Sacramento Bee and other McClatchy papers will see their current contract expire at the end of the month, and paper management and Guild leaders are furiously negotiating.

Among the concessions management’s asking for: cutting maximum severance pay from 40 weeks to 26.

“Not only has McClatchy abandoned its long held position that it doesn’t lay people off. Now they want to make it cheaper to do it,” said Ed Fletcher, a reporter and officer for The Sacramento Bee Newspaper Guild in a statement to his co-workers, reported on by the Sacramento News & Review.

The company is also seeking the unlimited power to use part-time and freelance (aka not-union-covered) workers, and the ability to reassign Bee workers to other McClatchy properties.

The guild, for its part, asks for a reversal of the 6 percent pay cut imposed in the spring and to restore the company’s contributions to employee 401(k)s.


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