S.E. Cupp Has a Lot of Pet Peeves

Politico‘s Patrick Gavin subjected MSNBC The Cycle Co-host S.E. Cupp to his standard interview and learned that she’s not as calm, cool and collected as she comes across on TV.

In fact, a lot annoys her.

Q: Describe a few pet peeves of yours. A few? Try 15.

“There are alarmingly many. I hate mouth noises of all kinds — chewing, swallowing, gum smacking, heavy breathing. Spelling and grammatical errors make my stomach churn. Especially if I’ve made any. Golf umbrellas on Manhattan sidewalks are infuriating, as are slow or aimless walkers. Loud talkers annoy me in confined spaces like trains and planes. Tardiness is totally unacceptable. I find most meetings and conference calls to be too long, inefficient and a source of great frustration. When people call … just to “say hi.” Bad table manners. In all honesty, I’m a nightmare.”

Read the whole interview here in which you’ll learn about her thoughts on worry and moving a lot growing up.