Ryan’s Night in Vegas With the Salahis: Unplugged

As we shared earlier today, Politico’s Kiki Ryan spent Saturday night clubbing with the Salahis at Pure Nightclub-Las Vegas. Politico sent her there for a lightening-fast 17 hours.

Now she spills extra details with us:

For starters, she endured the sketch of waiting outside the club in Caesar’s Palace (where she was staying) for two hours. She stood there so long that “scary” male passersby got confused and asked if she was “working” (if you know what we mean).

All in all, she enjoyed her fruitful, strange evening trailing the party crashers. “My night with the Salahis allowed me full access to the couple but despite spending two hours talking to Tareq (who, let me add, would not stop talking to me) I am still so confused about them. They truly believe they did not do anything wrong. He would first say, ‘Well, I can’t tell you that,’ and then 10 seconds later would be spilling to me again. The oddest part for sure was while talking to the crowd he yelled, ‘Let’s give a shout out to the people in Haiti and the victims.’ So weird.”

Ryan observed the Sahalis in the full glory of their egos. “They believed that the nightclub was packed because of their attendance. I can assure you, Pure is packed every Saturday night. Also-America’s Polo Cup and a partnership with Caesars? Since when did Caesars add a polo field?”

Then, a nickname emerged: “No one knew who the Salahis were. Someone called them the ‘Salamis.’ The people partying with them at their table included a nerdy businessman they met on their flight and a pregnant woman who worked for them at their vineyard. Talk about a party!”