Ryan Lochte and Reality TV: A Perfect Match?

Take a moment this morning to imagine that you’re Ryan Lochte: You’ve just won two gold medals, two silvers and a bronze. You’ve appeared on the covers of Vogue, Time, and Men’s Journal. Most importantly, you’ve managed to defeat your arch nemesis and teammate Michael Phelps to reign atop the ranks of chlorine-tinged supermen for one brief, shining moment.

Now that you’ve made your mark on the world of sport, earned your 15 minutes as an international “brand” and made your requisite appearance in the British tabloids, the time has come for you to answer the question that vexes a nation:

“The Bachelor” or “Dancing with the Stars?”

How about both? The world of reality TV is calling, and this morning good sir Lochte told Matt Lauer that he is “looking towards” it. After scoring endorsement deals with Gillette, Speedo, Gatorade and Ralph Lauren, the 6’2″ fish has let the world know that he’s ready to leave the water — or at least to trade the Olympic pool for the Pacific Ocean.

A star athlete moving to LA to pursue a career in light entertainment? Ridiculous! Yet Lochte expressed an interested in “DWTS” earlier this week, and the grammatically challenged swimmer’s agent Erika Wright reports that he is currently entertaining offers to appear on multiple reality shows (we can only hope that “Hillbilly Handfishin‘” is one of them).

Where else might Lochte’s charmingly oblivious mug fit within the reality TV landscape? Please make suggestions in the comments — and while you’re at it, check out Vulture’s list of potential reality shows starring this year’s biggest Olympians. Who wouldn’t watch Gabby Douglas in “Gabsolutely Fabulous?”

Oh and BTW, it’s not just reality TV calling Lochte’s name: He is apparently even more interested in pursuing his other lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer, though he may need to outgrow the grills first.