WeHoNews.com Editor Gets Clean and Sober

Following a sudden interruption in the publication of online newspaper WeHo News, editor Ryan Gierach (pictured) is back on the job. After posting the May 8 issue, he has further explained the reasons for his absence to LA Weekly’s Patrick Range McDonald:

“I went into a residential rehab to quit drinking and learn the skill set needed to remain sober… I not only feel better, but lost almost 10 pounds in two months — just by not drinking 16 beers a day…

West Hollywood mayor Jeff Prang, when I told him how much I’d been drinking, said, ‘Anything over 13 is a little excessive.’”

All joking aside, Gierach is to be commended for realizing his seven years at the helm of WeHo News had taken too large a personal toll. He says the outlet will remain a weekly update for now, but hints that later this summer, he will be making a big announcement.

According to Gierach, after two previously aborted business partnerships, he has connected with a West Hollywood resident “with deep publishing and turnaround experience who hopes to work his publishing magic on my editorial magic.” The re-invigorated editor also tells McDonald that he is working with Cesar Millan of Dog Whisperer fame to bring the celebrity’s dog guardianship education pilot program to West Hollywood. All in all, sounds like 2012 is shaping up as a heck of year for Gierach.