Ruth Marcus On The Post’s Office Romances

In looking at the Wolowitz-Riza-Worldbank situation, Post columnist Ruth Marcus discusses how the Post handles office relationships:

    As it happens, my newspaper grappled recently with a similar problem, with the genders gratifyingly reversed — and came to an opposite conclusion. In naming a new person to run the national section, the top management settled on Outlook editor Susan Glasser. Trouble was, her husband, Peter Baker, was already on the national staff — and not just in any job, but as one of the White House correspondents. (They met on the job; otherwise, the paper’s antiquated anti-nepotism rule would have kicked in.)

    Should The Post have chosen a different applicant? Should it have insisted that Baker leave for another section? Even a few years ago, I suspect that one or the other would have been required.

    Instead, the decision was made to accommodate both of them. Glasser is the top editor of the section, but another editor at an equivalent level supervises Baker’s work and deals with his compensation.