Rutgers Finds Itself in a Hole and Keeps Digging

OK, so we understand why Rutgers decided to drop athletic director Tim Pernetti for choosing not to fire now-famous “bully” coach Mike Rice when he first saw the clips of Rice pushing and taunting his players while aiming quick passes at their nibbly bits. But we will say this: If you want someone to quietly exit stage left in order to reduce the intensity of the negative publicity (and we assume school administrators wanted Pernetti to do just that) then we would advise against giving him a deal cushy enough to inspire headlines well outside the world of college sports.

Upon leaving Rutgers, Pernetti will receive $1.2 million in “salary” plus a “car allowance”, two years’ worth of insurance coverage and a free iPad to top it off! Remember how everyone took the piss out of banks for giving their executives millions after they helped crash the American economy? Well this is not quite as bad as that. But it is still very bad!

Surely Rutgers could have come up with a better way to do this, right? We understand the need for a scapegoat, but if your organization is tied to one man with such a heavy chain then you might want to just relegate him to an HR position in a poorly lit basement somewhere, no?