How LA Snatched High-Tech Bragging Rights Back from New England

The venture capital firm Rustic Canyon, with offices in LA and San Francisco, is currently invested in more than 50 startups. The great majority of these are Internet-driven and include, Hidden City Games and MediaSpan.

Managing partner Nate Redmond recently jumped onto to guest blog about Los Angeles’ re-emerging high-tech momentum. While we may not have a current NFL rivalry with the Patriots, there has certainly been healthy competition in these other trenches since we lost the Rams:

For the better part of the last two decades, Southern California and New England have traded roles as runner-up to Silicon Valley… The baton is once again changing hands. Over the last five years Southern California closed the gap with New England and in 2012, entrepreneurs in Southern California once again attracted more investment than any other region outside of Silicon Valley. More than New England and nearly twice as much as New York.

Redmond lists three structural advantages held by LA over New England and subsequently added a fourth – proximity to Asia – in agreement with a reader comment. To read his take, click here.